Project Description


Through the Qualification in Emergency Medicine and as an active member of the German Society for Emergency Medicine, we feel responsible to cover any kind of Emergency, of course also in a good communication with the medical stuff close to our office.

More than 15 years Experience in North Germany gives us and to our patients the necessary safety in case of Emergency Care helps, keeping international standards

Certification in Emergency Medicine 24h AMBULANCE / German Society for Emergency Medicine

Cooperation with

Air Ambulance 24h

Boat Ambulance 24h

When a patient is looking for medical services one of the main symptoms is the pain. There are a lot of pain qualities but most of them need often medical care.

We continue the Pain Ambulance from our medical office in hamburg to Mykonos, using actual methods and giving a wide spectrum to cover almost any kind of body pain.

The most frequent methods are:

    • Monotherapy or combination of more than one preparats in form of tablets using per os
    • Injections, local application of substances to have the maximal local therapeutical effect, like subacromial, paratendinous, intraarticular, and not intramuscular
    • Systemic use in form of infusions in case of persistance of symptoms like lumbal pain , sciadica, or infectious diseases

Also through the methods of the Neural Therapy we cover a wide part of muskular and soft tissue diseases, like muscle tension, triggerpoints, myogelosis. Giving a local application of anesthetic substances for example over muscle fibers you can help high stressed muscle groups to relax, reducing pain and increasing the movement.

What happens when we receive an emergency call

Our intention focuse in the fast contact with the patient, while the target are the first 8 min. after receiving the emergency call, from the car, the field, the hotel or the yacht.

Reaching on time we give the first aid due to stabilise the situation of the emergency case and make the person transportable in safety.

After the entrance in our office we give the wright imprtance in the exact clinical and radiological examination. If it is necessary to do further labor examinations there is also the oportunity to have quickly the first results in a recent time coming in contact with theneighbour laboratory, that assists us 24 h.

In case of trauma we have all opportunities to bring the patient to a stabile situation, using infusions therapy, immobilisation of fractures with casts, and organising the transfer of the patient back in his home country in a safe way, or to athens for surgery.

Therefore we use special boat or airplane private ambulances, covering us also 24 h.

We work with all private insurance companies, during all of our patients take a Medical Report about their injury,the signed confirmation about the therapy costs and an official confirmation concerning his ability to travel.

The beginning of rehabilitation after trauma is garanted through an experianced Physiotherapy Team, we are working together.

The payment can take place by credit card, by cash and by the insurance company.

The emergency telephone line is

0030 22890 78549 Or 0030 6975 980313

There is an easy way to us for people with special body invalidities.

Spoken languages Greek English German Spanish.

A big Car Parking stays free 24h behind our office.