Project Description

Sports Medicine

Provides the communication between the medical doctor and the Sports, the science and the training. Target is the prevention and therapy of diseases appearing in sport and body exercise, but also the better condition and result of an athletic discipline.

Chronic pain on tendon ends, muscle pain, soft tissue injuries like ruptures, mechanical inflammations after training, bursitis, over training syndroms, bone fractures after trauma or even stress fractures belong to common problems of athlets.

There is a big spectrum of points we have to consider due to make the patients feel better and return in a short time to their training, like using:

  • pharmaceutical drugs (like NSAD)
  • special injections therapies
  • recommendations for training modification
  • athletic nutricion
  • contact with the team Physiotherapists

Also the continouus evaluation of the recent literature and research has to be present, beeing informed about new methods and articles and protecting the athlets on their way to be better, for example in the wide market of sports nutricion and supplements.

Dr. Konstantinou is an active member of the German Sports Medicine Society in Hamburg (Hamburger Sportaerztebund), and Sports Doctor of the National Team for Wrestling, greco-roman and free style, in Germany and Greece.
Since 3 years he is the team doctor of the both Sports Clubs in Mykonos, in football, basketball and athletics.